Each person will have their own ethical framework and it is not for me to decide what IS ethical or what IS NOT. However, I have developed my own standards over time that I follow, and the emphasis is on MY OWN. 

Firstly, I accept the premise that all peacock spiders have a basic right to remain in their natural environment unless I can justify their removal. If a spider is new to science and has not been documented I see it justified to catch it, to photograph it at home and to preserve it after its death.  

If I find a peacock spider that I believe has already been named AND is well documented I don’t see myself justified to remove it from its environment for the sake of taking another picture, I will leave it in the wild. A quick photograph in the wild is sufficient as a new distribution record.

Again, these are my own standards that I follow, you will have to develop your own. If you are interested in someone else’s views on ethics and macrophotography read the blog by Nicky Bay