In 2005 I stumbled across Maratus volans in Sydney and after learning that it was suspected to spread out a pair of colourful flaps I started to search for more individuals and started to play around with them. At the time the female was unknown, and nobody had observed the male’s courtship behaviour, let alone photographed or filmed it. In 2008 I photographed their display for the first time, and this sparked a passion that sustains me to this day, resulting in numerous photographs,  film clips, newly discovered species and publications in which they were named and documented.

I hope this site will become a hub for information about peacock spiders, mostly featuring my own content but also that of others who contribute to our knowledge. A place where you can see what the various species look like, how they behave, where they live and what else might be interesting about them. Ideas about how to improve this website are always welcome. You can contact me (Jurgen Otto)  on my email jurgenotto8@gmail.com

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