I am unaware of anyone breeding peacock spiders or offering them for sale, either in Australia or overseas. In Australia they can be caught and kept legally (so far), but any collecting in nature reserves, national parks and the like requires special permits.

All Australian wildlife, and that includes peacock spiders, is protected by law and can only be exported under special permits. Therefore getting someone to collect you spiders and send them overseas is not an option.

While  the desire to observe,  photograph and to be close to peacock spiders is understandable I don't think they make good pets. They are very  small, don't live very long, and occupy an environment that IMO is very hard or impossible to replicate in captivity. I have bred one species over a couple of generations, but the spiders became so lethargic in the end that they did not even react to each other and eventually stopped reproducing altogether, something was clearly missing, life in a glass jar is very very different from the wild world.